Scope of VFX and Animation in the Present Era

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Scope of VFX and Animation in the Present Era

Scope of VFX and Animation in the Present Era

In this article, we will discuss the scope of Animation and VFX in the present era. We also help you understand the job opportunities you will get once you complete a course in VFX or Animation. There are many different professions that you can choose from so let us look into these professions one by one. It will also help you to know what qualification is required for them. 

How to Become an Animator?

Before you start working as an animator, make sure you understand what the job entails. A significant number of aspirants drop out within the first month of starting this career. To be a successful animator, you must have many creativity, imagination, sketching, and drawing abilities. After gaining experience, you will gain technical knowledge; however, you will need patience.

A variety of professional 3d Tracking and Matchmoving courses are available to assist you in learning animation techniques. You must find the appropriate course for you while you also gain experience.

Practical experience is also required. It would be best if you made every effort to gain as much practical experience as possible. This will give you a better idea of what the field entails and what the demands are.

What is the Current Situation of Animation and VFX? 

When it comes to animation in India, there is a lot of potentials. Talented animators are always in high demand. Moreover, the animators are well compensated. Therefore, there are numerous advancement opportunities. Animators with experience can start their businesses. If you take the right VFX course, you may be able to start your own freelance business. You can also work for a large or small animation studio or advertising agency, a game developer, a media company, or a television and film production company.

However, you must have a large body of work to show for yourself to get regular work. It may take some time and patience. However, you must demonstrate your capability. A significant number of animators fail to advance in their careers. This is due to the poor quality of the institutes where they study 3D animation. Animators in this situation are compelled to work in training centers and photography studios.

These institutes entice students with the promise of lucrative jobs but fail to deliver. Students receive poor training due to a lack of proper study materials and qualified faculty at such institutions.

The demand for animators is reduced as a result of these institutes. This is because these schools produce a large number of animators. They flood the job market. As a result, the market has reached saturation.

Prospects for the Future in VFX and Animation 

The future of animators appears to be bright, based on current trends. Even though demand will grow slowly, it will grow steadily. Animators are in high need in industries such as mobile gaming and app development. These fields will continue to expand in the future.

There is a lot of potential for 3D animation in India. Although this may be true, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, There is no such thing as a quick fix for success and hard work always pays off. You must ensure that you select the appropriate institute, and your career will be in good hands.

Most Popular Job opportunities for VFX and Animation students

There are so many different jobs that a VFX and animation student can do after he completes a Diploma, Master's, or Bachelor's Degree in Animation & Multimedia from a Top Rated Animation VFX Gaming Training Institute Let us have a look at them in detail:


Animators are the people in charge of animating the story sequences. It's the most lucrative position in the industry. In the role of animator, one can expect a good salary and advancement opportunities. 2D animator, 3D animator, and keyframe animator are some of the most common animator jobs. You can work as a freelance animator on small projects or work full-time as an animator in a studio or production house.


Compositing is primarily a post-production technique. Compositors are in charge of putting pieces from rendered footage. In a similar manner,  there are different layers of the same shot back together and it is blended into a single scene. A compositor should have a thorough understanding to complete the task of rotoscoping and matte creation. These are the two of the most essential aspects of compositing.

Artists who create concepts

Concept artists provide various loops of a component that will be used in animation. They often work under the supervision of the art director. These repetitions lay the foundation for future work by other artists. They might, for example, draw a variety of different styles for the same character or landscape. After that, 3D modelers are given the finalized sketch.


A designer's job is to present an idea visually. They are in charge of creating visual elements such as logos and typefaces that define the product's uniqueness. As a result, an illustrator must have excellent drawing, design, and color sense. This role has more job opportunities than the others mentioned.

3D sculptor

A modeler determines the physical dimensions of everything in a shot. Along the three axes, they create the environment, props, surfaces, and characters. It is, without a doubt, the most time-consuming step in the workflow. Gaming design offers more opportunities than other industries.

The artist who draws storyboards

Breaking down the entire script into a rough sketch format that shows the placement of components is what storyboarding is all about (character, landscapes, etc.). This saves a lot of time and effort. It also avoids the unnecessary animation of a sequence. This is a job that only a storyboard artist can do well.

Artist in charge of layout

Graphic designers provide templates, which these artists. They modify to provide the ultimate design. They also decide on character placement, camera angle, and keyframe movement. These are the fundamentals of filmmaking cinematography.

Character rigging artist, texture artist, and technical artist are among the other animation job openings. These are specialized jobs. Therefore, an experience of a year or two is required under supervision. As a result, a recent graduate is recommended to work as a "3D Generalist,". However, there is always the need to switch roles.

For any animation, as mentioned earlier, a specialized degree in 3D animation, computer graphics, or other related fields is required. Frameboxx is premier courses in animation , VFX, and game art. Not only that they provide industry-based internship training and placement assistance. These aspects have become a necessity rather than a choice. However, as long as you find a full-time animator job, starting as a freelancer animator is always an option.

XR Industry in India

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