Master Program in 3D Tracking and Matchmoving

756 Hours | 24 Months


About This Course

This program focuses on one of the most exciting and challenging module of the Visual Effects Industry. 3D Tracking and Matchmoving plays a very important role for breathtaking cinematic sequences.

CG elements are seamlessly integrated in the live action footage. With help of this technique, the Director is free to use his/her creative concepts for storytelling. There is no restriction or practical challenges for executing any type of camera motion.


What will you learn in this program?

  • Setup of trackers and pointers for live action shooting.
  • Understanding core concepts of film cameras including lens, fps, shutter speed, aperture,shooting formats and various others.
  • Knowledge of how to get and read the survey data.
  • Automatic and manual matchmoving techniques.
  • Object tracking techniques.
  • Optimization process of the VFX pipeline.
  • Integration of various softwares for the final output.
Level Expert
Duration 24 Months
Hours 756 Hrs.
Softwares 11 Softwares


Applicable Jobs

  • 3D Tracking / Matchmoving Artist
  • VFX Artist
  • Rotomation Artist




Pre-Production 60 hrs.
Photography 05 hrs.
Photoshop 20 hrs.
3ds Max 125 hrs.
Premiere Pro 10 hrs.
After Effects 20 hrs.
  Total  240 hrs.

in VFX



After Effects 30 hrs.
Maya 80 hrs.
Nuke 60 hrs.
PF Track 20 hrs.
Houdini 70 hrs.
3DEqualizer 20 hrs.
Katana 20 hrs.
  Total  300 hrs.

3D Tracking and



3DEqualizer 40 hrs.
Maya for Match Move 40 hrs.
Rotomation in Maya 80 hrs.
Nuke 36 hrs.
SynthEyes 20 hrs.
  Total  216 hrs.

Portfolio Development

You need to submit your demoreel / portfolio to be eligible to receive the Frameboxx certificate. 


During these 24 months, you will be continuously in touch with your mentors for enhancement of your submission. The final grading will be calculated on the basis of your overall performance during the tenure of your course and quality of demoreel / portfolio. 

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