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Gaming Career Trends 2024 & Beyond: Get ready for the future!

 08 Feb 2024  1253

As the new year starts, and we are about to jump into another month of this year, we should also be focusing on the recent gaming trends. The gaming career trends 2024 are taking a giant leap this year, as per industry experts and multiple online reports and predictions.

If you’re someone who wants to make a career in the gaming industry, this is the peak time.

Read the post ahead and gather facts on what’s trending this year, or at least in the first quarter of 2024. Then, you can vouch for academic knowledge in gaming from educational portals like Frameboxx 2.0 and get the best techno training for young artists and gamers online.

Top 6 Gaming Trends 2024 To Follow And Be Ready for an Amazing Future!

AR and VR Gaming Experiences

Games like Pokemon Go changed the way Indian gamers welcomed and embraced AR in gaming. There was a time when people would really walk onto different roadways and lanes in metropolitan cities to catch their Pokemons on the Pokemon Go app.

Another set of games, League of Legends, World of Wonder, and Dota-2, are constantly evolving when it comes to exploring the AR and VR gaming world. Such games are taking Multiplayer Online Battle Arena categories to the next level.

Games like Warcraft are shining through when it comes to wearing headsets for a virtual reality experience. Moreover, there is a speculation that the world of AR and VR in gaming is to hit about 11-billion-dollar market by 2026.

Thus, it’s appropriate to suggest that game developers must be ready to up their game. They must learn new techniques and tactics and blend them with storytelling and storyboards to break the benchmarks of their creativity when it comes to developing AR and VR-based games for the younger generation in India.

Generative AI in Gaming

Last year, generative AI had a wave of worldwide acceptance when it forayed into marketing, automation, and creative industries. This year, it is predicted to take an average gamer’s experience to a level where players might start interacting with NPC more humanely and naturally.

Game developers might just make the non-player characters or NPCs more humane with the generative AI modelling and programs.

That means the NPC character would not need a ready-made script. It can evolve the dialogue with a real player and, at the same time, know how to drive the conversation back to the primary setting and guide the player to complete their quizzes or next line of tasks for a winning experience.

That also means that an average NPC will be easily reading a player’s actions, moves, choices, and content interactions to improve the experience for the user. It reduces the burden on the backend developer to constantly evolve the NPC’s overall knowledge for better and higher player engagement rates.

In short, there will be more room for personalised experiences and episodes for each player when interacting with NPCs, who are developed on the large language models.

Fitness Gaming

The days when video games made a player lazy are long gone. This year, we see a new range of fitness games that will encourage a player to pull up their socks, move around, sweat a little, and burn maximum calories per day.

Active video games (AVG) or fitness games will require players to wear gear like VR headsets. The headset or other equipment studies the environment surrounding the player for a better experience of moving around.

AR fitness gaming is also going to be the rage this year where. The gamers can download fitness apps and find new arenas in their personal rooms to try new workouts or games for a real-life experience.

For developing and crafting such games, game developers need to get better at understanding the surroundings of players, their demands and preferences, and analysing their vitals through a game session.

Emerging New Platforms for Gaming

Some game developers might think that PC games are dead because of the new devices and platforms emerging this decade. However, the PC gaming market will be around 31-billion-dollar by 2028.

Thus, there is a lot of scope for game development jobs to occur this year.

Additionally, there are new games developed, programmed, and launched on Stream. New gamers on the block are reaching Stream to give competition to the existing ones. The recent releases on Stream are classic, history, and more fantasy-oriented. This creates a very stimulating experience for a gamer.

So, a lot of focus is being given to creating the architecture of the gameplay or game world these days. When the rest of the mundane task is handled by AI tech and apps, game developers need to sharpen their craft, purpose, and vision for a game they want to upload on new gaming platforms like Stream, UPlay, Origin, Google & Apple Play stores, etc.

Then, there is another gaming platform, Roblox, that has been introducing quite interesting games for the past year. Gamers go there to play emerging indie games.

So, those who want to develop more indie games can try working for this platform in the future after getting enough knowledge and hands-on experience.

Games Developed from Blockchain Technology

One of the emerging gaming trends 2024 is about the games developed on the blockchain technologies. Blockchain-enabled games will prevent hackers from distorting, destroying, or modifying the gameplay. Each game developed on blockchain technology and ledger will be more encrypted, safe, and secure to play or buy in-game tokens or items for a better user experience.

According to a Statistics report, this market is about to reach approximately 74 billion by 2025. And there are multiple blockchain companies online that are helping game developers and gaming studios to design, craft, create, test, and launch more games on blockchain technology for the safekeeping of first-party data online.

In fact, gamers have more control over how they navigate their play day on a play-to-win or play-to-earn app/game based on blockchain technology.

Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse is a sensation in the gaming world that is taking its place at its pace. The online research says this market will reach anywhere near 710 billion dollars by 2027-2030. The metaverse games will be more immersive, leading to more real-life-like experiences for gamers.

New-age and new-gen players can experience a world beyond their real-life world when they’re online and active on metaverse games. Developers need to focus on creating emerging, engaging, and unexpected Avatars for gamers.

The social interaction in a metaverse game world will provide the gamer with an experience to recount and remember for years ahead.

There are already multiple communities building online to discuss metaverse game walkthroughs, gameplays, and hacks to make the experience easier for novice players.

So, this is the right time for metaverse developers to get into these communities and understand what kind of games they can develop to provide a gaming experience that will be hard to replicate.


The blog copy discusses the top 6 gaming career trends in 2024 to watch out for if you’re a young gamer or game designer. This can be your chance to win big in the gaming world. Get a full-fledged course on gaming and its latest trends from Frameboxx 2.0 and then start getting epic placements from renowned gaming studios in India for a future that you desire.

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