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E-Sports Explosion: Career Opportunities Beyond Gameplay

 06 May 2024  217


Did you know there are increasing e-sports career opportunities you can bag in 2024 and beyond. Now, it is no longer only about the gameplay. The excitement of sports will make you work better from the backend.

However, most people in India still need to be made aware of the jobs they can apply for in the e-sports industry. We want to give you a checklist of the best jobs and professions to choose when you love esports and want to make a career in online gaming.

For instance, you can be a game developer, game designer, video editor, screenplay writer, concept developer, beta tester, and much more. It depends on which type of skills you want to harness and sharpen over the period.

If you have limited knowledge of your current skills that are fit for the e-sports industry, work on them first. Explore numerous courses like animation, visual effects, storytelling, gaming graphic designing etc., at Frameboxx 2.0.

Enrol in one of your favourite courses and start your journey towards exploring e-sports jobs at ease. Otherwise, continue to read and make a checklist of relatable professions first.

What kind of e-sports career opportunities can you explore in India?

Game developers and designers:

Are you into programming and gaming at the same time? Then, this could be a role that you want to explore and make a career out of. Today, there is a growing demand for game developers and designers in the e-sports industry.

This can be your chance to shine and earn your worth. Feel like never going to work and enjoy the process of developing and designing games with immersive experiences.

Graphic designers:

Another opportunity in the e-sports industry is to be a graphic designer. It is the foundation of any scene or sequence in an online sports game. Without thrilling, astonishing, or adrenaline-inducing graphics, it is next to impossible to engage e-sports lovers.

A graphic designer can change the success matrix and growth of an e-sports game and its production house’s value.

E-sports management:

Get behind the screens and manage the e-sports finances, teams, and overall launches. Do you think you’re good at managing the timelines and deadlines for each minor project related to game development and design?

Do you want to explore such e-sports career opportunities? Then give interviews and show how you can be an excellent manager to keep deliverables on track. This will also be a testing time for your observational capacity and the spirit of collaboration and coordination.

Community manager:

Do you want to be at the forefront of the e-sports community by interacting more with beta testers and new-age gamers? Then, become a community manager for an e-sports production house or company.

Give it your all to develop a genuine and interactive community around the games you’re promoting and sponsoring. Find new gamers in the market, talk to new, seasoned gamers, and build a local community that gives you timely feedback and appreciation.

Screenplay writer:

The next career you can build in the esports community and industry is to become a scriptwriter. There is a dearth in the industry for good and excellent writers.

Gaming writers earn lakhs per month because they create the structure for a game to be created, drafted, or designed for the screen.

Writers know the pulse of their audience or gamers in this case. They will describe each scene and interaction with vivid details for the entire visual and production to bounce back on.

So, this could be a job to focus on if you’re good at detailing a scene, shot, or the entire sequence.

Technical director:

Are you good with software and tools? Do you have a visionary mind with extensive self-control? Then, this could be a job you want to pursue in the e-sports industry. A technical director will handle all the technicalities on the shoot of the gameplay.

They know which tools to provide to the developers and designers. They can raise the requisition of budgets and more tools.

Other than that, they can expedite the process of developing a complex game for the new-gen and soft launch it in the market to create the hype.

Otherwise, technical directors know how to handle a game's lighting and make it more appealing or immersive to the gamer.

VFX artist:

A VFX artist is a game-changer in the e-sports industry. They can create scenes and experiences in the game for gamers with the help of AI tools and the latest technology. They work closely with the action director or screenplay writers.

They have updated knowledge on creating lifelike interactions of the player within the game environment. With VFX and AI tools, they can give more emotions and nuances to the NPCs and other elements added to the game.

Campaign manager:

Are you good at marketing and paid campaigns? Then learn to manage campaigns for a gaming production house for their esports channel. Learn how to run organic, paid, and collaborative campaigns.

Get in touch with seasoned e-sports players and run a podcast show, for instance. Generate reviews on the latest e-sports game of your production house from beta and alpha testers.

Give free coupons and discounts or run paid online ads. Keep a pulse on everything that goes into marketing campaigns, such as budgeting, original and interactive ideas, and gamifying an event's experience.

Sales manager:

Do you think you have good persuasive and negotiation skills? Then you could be an excellent sales manager for an e-sports company. Bring them more leads and deals and earn massive incentives on increasing the market presence and user base for the agency or production house.

Get referrals from new-age gamers, meet with experts of the gaming industries, attend online webinars or seminars, host podcasts on gaming news and updates. Make your vibe interesting as a salesperson so that others want to interact with you as soon as you go online.

As a sales manager, you will also have to deal with other sales reps in your team. Have a positive attitude and goal-oriented mindset.

Nurture them from time to time and show them how to overcome the drop in gamers or userbase. Lead the way for them to increase the revenues and deals over time.

Finance manager:

Become a financing expert in the e-sports industry for a production house. Know where to fund and how much to spend on a campaign to attract more leads, deals, and sponsorships for upcoming gaming updates and ventures.


We laid the foundation of e-sports career opportunities in the post above with 10 crazy profiles to explore. Each one requires a different skill set. However, be it a finance manager, admin, or a PR executive, game developer, VFX artist, or action director, everyone needs to know everything about e-sports industry.

That means they must enroll in courses related to gaming from reputed institutions like Frameboxx 2.0. Such courses improve their knowledge to sell and market their talent with a lot more relatability to the client or project head.

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