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How did Frameboxx’s Incubator Program become a Money and Time saver for Animation and VFX Studios?

 15 Mar 2022  1213
How did Frameboxx’s Incubator program become a money and time saver for Animation and VFX Studios?

How did Frameboxx’s Incubator Program become a Money and Time saver for Animation and VFX Studios?

Frameboxx is a  Top Rated Animation VFX Gaming Training Institute in India with centers all over India. We have Animation institutes in Mumbai in Andheri, Thane, Dadar, Vashi, Kalyan, Nerul and Borivali. Similarly, we have Animation and VFX training centres in Pune at FC Road, Swargate, Kothrud, Hinjwadi and Aundh. The Delhi animation vfx and game course providing institute are located in the South Ex area. We also have our presence in Gujarat in the cities of Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad. We are also located at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Bhuvaneshwar in Orissa, Chowranghee in Kolkata and Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The animation centre trains students in various courses in the field of game art, VFX animation, web development, and photography. We also provide Bachelor's and Master's degree courses. Frameboxx was nurtured by a team of management and technical evangelists in 2008 and it has been growing in a strong manner since then covering so many cities in India.

Read the detailed blog article to know how Frameboxx’s Incubator program became a money and time saver for Animation and VFX Studios.

What was the Roadblock for the VFX and Animation Industry?

1. Investments in Studio’s Pipeline 

The VFX pipeline consists of different phases of creation and production. The pipeline assists to sort out every division so that every artist knows their job, and a studio can move along the distributed course of events. The studio has to invest a lot of money to train the artist they hire.  The margins of these studios are a bit tight so this money would be a heavy investment for them.

2. Resource Allocation to Train the Hired Artist

The studio had to hire someone who could train the executive and intern-level artists. Moreover, they have to help them gain the required skills. This is a bit difficult due to the fact that these studios work under tight deadlines. It is difficult for these studios to remove time from these schedules for training is a bit overwhelming. This dedicated system and manpower assignments are a bit burdensome for these studios. 

3. Wastage of Resources When Trainees are Not Selected 

The studio invested a lot of manpower and money into training artists. However, the fact is that not all of the artists get shortlisted. This leads to the money and time that the studio invests in training going to waste. 

How did Framebox’s Incubator Program Resolve the Difficulties of the VFX and Animation Industry? 

What is the Incubator Program?

Just like an incubator helps to nurture and maintain the health of a baby or other living organism in it. This incubator program is designed to increase the level of expertise of a student who has completed a diploma, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree in animation and multimedia. 

This Program is for Frameboxx and Non-Frameboxx students both. It helps students to connect with the studio. The process is set in such a way that the students are incubated and trained on studio-specific requirements which helps students to start their careers with ease.

Who can Apply for this Program? 

Students from any institute or university can apply for the incubator program at Frameboxx. 

What is the Fees of this Program? 

It is free for all.

What is the Process of the Incubator Program?

The process to apply is as follows:

  1. A student has to apply for this program 
  2. Our core team evaluates the student and his skills.
  3. On the basis of the available job descriptions at various studios, Frameboxx grooms the students for a specific time period. 
  4. After the grooming process is over the students are sent for the final test at the studios.
  5. The studios select the student on the basis of their capability. 


Current Studio Affiliations For The Incubator Program


How has the Incubator Program Become a Bridge between Studios and Artists?

  1. Frameboxx is a leading course provider of animation, game design, and game art designs. We provide short-term as well as Bachelor's and Master's Specialization programs in 3D / VFX and game art. 

  2. We continuously build our resume database through alumni connections, word of mouth, and job portals. In short, we do all the hard work for the Studios of training and shortlisting the students. Moreover, Each training is customized to the studio pipeline and workflow.

The Journey so far in the Incubator’s Program

The incubator program was started in February 2022. With the efforts of the team, it has been a success. Studio heads are appreciating the efforts and the quality of students placed. 

Students placed since February YashRaj Contiloe Lakshya Digital Unipay Digital I Cube Digital Fave Studio
Number of interns placed  23 10 5 2 5 25

Check the video of the explanation about the VFX shot. 


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