YouTube has Started a New Like Animation Feature on Its Platform

 15 Jun 2022  624
Youtube has Started a New like  Animation Feature on Its Platform

YouTube has Started a New like  Animation Feature on Its Platform

YouTube is well-known to explore different strategies to make its platform more appealing to its audience. A recent report shows that they have brought a new highlight and change to their platform. They are in the process to start new animation emojis to make the platform more lively for Android and iOS. This will make the applications more versatile and give an impression of vividness to its audience. Let us understand this new path that Youtube has started to walk on. 

What is new on YouTube?

For some time now, Youtube has already started the testing process. They have already dispelled this element to a little gathering of youtube users. Many users have told about this on social media platforms like Reddit. They said that a few months ago they had got an animation emoji on their YouTube application. 

How will these Youtube Emoji features work?


  1. Animated like button 


Taking everything into account, Youtube users will see firecrackers and various other decorative pop-ups. These popups will spring up around the thumb symbol of the Like button.

  1. Dislike button with an Emoji


The organization has also refreshed the Dislike button in a similar manner. However, it doesn't get as much liveliness and animation as the like button counterpart. 

  1. New Learn button 


All said and done, Users will currently see a new Learn button that will spring up which will change from green to red and back to normal after that.  


When will this feature be available for all YouTube users?


This feature is unavailable to a lot of Android and iOS gadget users. The good news is that this feature will be accessible to a more extensive crowd in the future. The customary Like button is as yet accessible on YouTube's internet-based adaptation. The report doesn't indicate whether the new Like activity is accessible on the work  front or not.


Can Youtube users ask to get the feature for themselves directly? 


Well, there is no way to be a part of the new Like movement on the YouTube application as of now. This is because it is completely on Youtube to choose which users will get this feature till it becomes universal. In other words, it is a server-side update. Therefore, there's no choice in the setting to enable or disable this component at this point.


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