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Webinar: Three Point Lighting in Maya

Webinar on Three Point Lighting in Maya
The purpose of 3-point lighting which is used in traditional photography, cinematography, and 3D visualizations is to properly illuminate a subject in an effective and pleasing way by simply using three separate lights.
So in this webinar, we will try to understand the advantages of 3-point lighting in the Maya.

1. What are 3-point Lighting?
2. Types of lights used in 3-point lighting
3. Use of 3-point lighting of a single character or object
4. 3-point lighting is used in various departments

This webinar will be helpful for 3D lighting and lookdev artists.

Kamran Siddiqui has excellent command and specialization in CG lighting, shading and lookdev. He has 10+ years of experience in Academics and Production both. He has worked with reputed studios like Prana, NY VFXwala and HMX Media. He has trained more than 1000+ students and they are working well in the industry.

He provides quality and industry-relevant education to his students by using his excellent teaching skills. He has won several awards including 24 FPS International Animation Awards, Indywood Excellence Awards, Certificate Of Mentoring and many more.

The schedule is as follows.
Date: 23rd September 2023
Time: 4.00 pm onwards
Webinar link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EO6-JKjcG4

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