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StuHire - Dedicated platform for students to earn money online

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Currently, students graduating from schools or colleges have skills, while the companies looking to hire them are looking for a combination of skills and practical experience, making it extremely difficult for students to land their first job and build a career.

With the vision to help students gain practical experience that will launch them into their dream careers, Stuhire is creating a gig economy where students will post their skills, and buyers can reach out to them to get their work done.

Students can build a work portfolio and receive feedback and recommendations to create a strong online profile, helping them get their dream job. Students can also earn tips and do paid work and internships. In addition, companies in Stuhire can post assignments for our students, which will help them find a perfect candidate without scanning through tons of resumes and saving them all the hassle and money spent on the hiring process.

Video link for students:

Stuhire is founded by Anurag Chouksey and Poonam Shah. Anurag started his career as a multimedia student in India and currently manages and leads a team of 20+developers in San Francisco, USA. Poonam is a veteran in product management. In her last role, she ran the Product management for the Oracle Student Cloud and Campus Solutions. Before that Poonam was director for Product Strategy for HCM Cloud at Taleo Recruiting.

This webinar will cover:
1. Mission and Vision of Stuhire
2.How Stuhire is making students job-ready?
3.How students earn money, ratings and reviews on the platform?
4. How to use the platform to maximize its impact on creating a strong student profile?
and many more …

Mr. Anurag Chouksey – Founder Stuhire
Ms. Deepa Sapatnekar – Head of Stuhire India
Ms. Sonam Rai – Business Development Manager Stuhire India
Mr. Amit Chhetri – AGM Technical Frameboxx

The schedule is as follows.
Date: 31st July, Saturday, 2021
Time: 2.00 pm onwards

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