RBD Fracture Houdini :: Frameboxx 2.0

RBD Fracture Houdini

RBD Fracture Houdini

Houdini 3D software is used to create stunning CG artworks by the world’s top film, TV, advertising and video game studios - as well as individual artists on personal projects. Houdini is best known for high quality physical simulation - fluids, fire, destruction, etc.

RBD (Rigid Body Dynamics) is Houdini’s native rigid body collision solver, so it supports all of Houdini’s rigid body simulation features (forces, constraints, etc).

The most important advantage of Houdini’s RBD is that it can handle collisions between geometry of any shape.

In this webinar, you will learn:
1. What is RBD?
2. Workflow of RBD
3. Fracture Types
4. Play with Forces
And many more...

Followed by a live Q&A session by the Master trainer Mr. Chetal Gazdar. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The schedule is as follows.
Date: 24th July, Saturday, 2021
Time: 2.00 pm onwards

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