Look Development in Arnold

Look Development in Arnold

Arnold is one of the most used and well-known Rendering engines in the current industry, due to its easy understandable UI and its compatibility to be used with all the industries relevant software.

This is an opportunity to use your time to understand how you can also use Arnold and create industry-level look development with our master trainer Mr. Vijay Patil.

Mr. Vijay Patil has combined 12+ years of experience of working in Studios as well as teaching experience in 3D, VFX and Graphics. He is extremely passionate about Arts and exploring new creative methods to teach and mentor students. His major skill sets are in 3D and Visual Effect Softwares.

His students have successfully placed in renowned studios across India.

This webinar will teach you:
1. In-depth understanding of AI Shader parameters
2. Procedural Shading Approach
3. Tips and Tricks
4. Case Studies  

Followed by a live Q&A session by the Master trainer Mr. Vijay Patil. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The schedule is as follows.

  • Date: 19th September, Saturday, 2020
  • Time: 4.00 pm onwards

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