DigiBoxx - Indian digital file storage and sharing platform

DigiBoxx - Indian digital file storage and sharing platform

DigiBoxx is an intelligent Indian digital file storage and sharing platform that’s secure, fast, intuitive and easy on the pocket. With a goal to make digital asset management go vocal for local, we have built a robust technology that’s world class & yet keeps in mind the flavours of India.

Created in 2020, it aims to be the Digital Asset Management platform for individuals and organisations of all sizes and industries. A visually elegant platform that allows you to easily share, track, organise and store your assets within the national borders.

Backed by robust technology and back-end support, DigiBoxx is the most cost-effective way to store and share photos, videos and other files with co-workers, family and friends. It can even help build a stronger brand for your clients.

This webinar will cover:
- Mission and Vision of DigiBoxx
- How is DigiBoxx helpful for your personal and professional life?
- How to use this platform?
- Security features
- How DigiBoxx is better than other cloud platforms like Google Drive, DropBoxx etc.
And many more ...

Shanav Jalan: Associate, Marketing & Sales at DigiBoxx
Chetal Gazdar: AGM Technical at Frameboxx

The schedule is as follows:
Date: 9th December, Thursday, 2021
Time: 4.00 pm onwards

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