Cleanup Techniques in Photoshop :: Frameboxx 2.0

Cleanup Techniques in Photoshop

Clean up is the process of removing unwanted things or artifacts (like wire, mic and any other objects which are disturbing the picture/footage)
and reconstructing a background or digitally correcting a render/clip. Clean up in Photoshop is useful for photographer to vfx artist. In this webinar we will see various methods of cleaning up unwanted objects.

The Webinar will guide you to 
1) Clone Stamp Tool and its features in Detail
2) How to clean unwanted objects/characters from photos
3) How to do sequence paint (i.e. Clean up objects in videos frame by frame)
4) Different tips and tricks of clean up.

Followed by a live Q&A session by Mr. Akshay Morey. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The schedule is as follows.

Date: 9th October, Saturday, 2021
Time: 4.00 pm onwards

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