Camera Solve & Lineup Controls in 3D Equalizer

Camera Solve & Lineup Controls in 3D Equalizer

Get your concept clear about Matchmove as well as Layout.

1. What is VFX Pipeline?
2. What is Matchmove and Layout?
3. Where does Matchmove stays in VFX Pipeline?
4. What do they exactly do in the Matchmove?
5. How do Matchmove and Layout departments work together?

About the speaker:

Chahak Modi: My key interest is in VFX and I have production experience of 5 years in Matchmove and Layout for 75+ projects. I got credited in Life, Avengers Infinity Wars, Hostiles, Liberation. Oscars for Best VFX in Blade Runner 2049 and FirstMan. I am mainly teaching the VFX Softwares at Frameboxx like Maya, Realflow, Nuke, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro.

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The schedule is as follows.
Date: 22nd January, Saturday, 2022
Time: 4.00 pm onwards

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