Camera Projection using Maya and Nuke

Camera Projection using Maya and Nuke

VFX is a very vast field, covering a huge number of software’s and techniques. Camera Projection shines an image onto blank 3D forms that are shaped to match the elements in the image.

The magic occurs when the scene is re-photographed using a moving camera while leaving the projector in the same spot. 3D Modeling, Texturing & Rendering are time taking processes. So, by this camera projection technique, a student will get Realistic 3D Depth output within hours.

This webinar will guide you with the in-depth tools and techniques including:

1. Techniques of creating a mesh for camera projection in Maya
2. Importing and creating camera projections in Nuke
3. Rendering the projection in Nuke

This free webinar answers all those questions, with some practical examples and explanations. It also has a live Q&A session at the end.

Trainer: Armin Bhas
Schedule: 27th August, Thursday, 2020
Time: 11.00 am onwards

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