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Frameboxx 2.0 is delighted to present the most exciting & much awaited course in Filmmaking – Art of Cinema Course, by Sankalp Meshram.

Everything you needed to know in order to make a film is taught in this single holistic course. The modular include Script Writing, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Audiography and Post Production.

Most filmmaking courses are specialized & compartmentalized into niche brackets of knowledge. So if you are aspiring Director, you will not have access to knowledge about Cinematography or Audiography or Editing or Post-Production. Similarly if you are aspiring cinematographer, you will not have access to knowledge about script writing or about Audiography or about editing.

This cubby-holing of knowledge forces people to develop very narrow ideas about the possibilities that exist in their own field or in other fields. What is needed is a very strong multi-disciplinary foundation course that introduces all aspects of cinema in a holistic & inters –related manners – so that Cinema can be viewed as an orgasmic whole. Today cinema is highly driven by technology. Even a generalist position of the Director is now quite a technical position.

The Director needs to understand how scriptwriting softwares work. How story boarding & pre-viz  softwares work , how budgeting & scheduling softwares work, how sets are designed  on the computers, how walk-throughs are generated, how music is programmed & recorded, how cameras acquire image in high –res, how sound is recorded, how editing happens on offline NLE’s & how the work get carry forward to sound post & picture post, including CG & VFX.

Today’s Director is a highly trained technician. Just as each of the technicians need to know about the other’s jobs in order to do their own. Without this multi-disciplinary approach & inter – departmental knowledge sharing – film making will sure hit a roadblock.

That is where Sankalp Meshram’s Art of Cinema Course comes in as a perfectly designed course to address this very problem.

sankalp meshram with students

This is a basic course which gives you a wonderful insight into each & every aspect of Filmmaking – in a short duration format, so that students can either become technically trained directors – or decide to go for further specialization in some specific area. Without this kind of foundation & orientation in all aspects of film making – it is very difficult for students to decide what they would like to specialize in & what part of Film making excites them the most.

The course is like a multi – use tool set. Various people use it for different purposes. Some have used it to become successful independent film makers. Some use it to gain employment in the industry as apprentices. Some use it to decide which area they will seek further training in.

There are hundreds of students who have passed out of the AOC Course & will vouch for the extreme satisfaction they derived from this course. That is because, apart from technical training, the course also pays equal attention to aesthetic training & preparation. Without an aesthetic grounding, all technical knowledge is wasted.

So, at AOC not only are you taught –“How” to do certain things technically – but you are also taught “Why” you will do those things – by judging the aesthetic parameters of the action. It is the combination of balance of all the modules & the carefully calibrated input & exercise – that results in such high efficacy in the course.

Entire course is taught by one of the most sought after faculties of India, The man who has literally trained thousands of successful to film professionals – Sankalp Meshram, winner of five National Awards is a teacher of exceptional caliber. His capacity to bring high insight & illumination into difficult subjects and his capacity to make difficult subjects look easy – is his primary forte. His teaching is informed by nearly 25 years of professional work – both as Film Editor & Film Director. He firmly believes that teacher’s must work as professional constantly in order to be touch with the latest practices in the industry.

award to sankalp meshram

As an academician & teacher, Sankalp Meshram’s is no less impressive. A teaching career spanning more than a decade & a half – Sankalp Meshram teaches regularly at the following institutes.

  • The Film and Television Institute of India (Pune)
  • Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (Kolkata)
  • Whistling Woods International Institute (Mumbai)
  • Digital Academy (Mumbai)
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA – Mussoorie)
  • College of Media Arts & Design (Westminster – London, UK)

Sankalp Meshram was a member of academic councils of both FTII, Pune & SRFTI, Kolkata. He was Academic Director of Digital Academy, Mumbai 2006-2016.

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