Online Introduction to Gaming with Unity

50 Hrs.


About This Course

A complete introduction to how video games are designed from what a game artist does every day to how a game programmer develops it, and a whole bunch more.

This course is set up specifically for students, beginners and enthusiasts who have an interest to look behind the curtain of how Video Game production happens.

We have designed a Step by Step Session which will take you through the Concepts of:

  • UI Design for Games in Photoshop
  • Creating 3 Dimensional Art Creation for Games in 3Ds Max
  • Coding skill with step by step and logic based coding for Video Game in Unity

This course not only covers tools but also covers theory and techniques used by professionals in the industry. 


What will you learn in this program?

  • Introduction to Photoshop.
  • Introduction to 3Ds Max.
  • Concepts of 2D and 3D Game Designing.
  • Level Designing for Games.
  • Technical Concepts of Asset creation Modeling and Texturing for Games.
  • Technical Concepts of Animation and Rigging for Games.
  • Technical Concepts of look Development, Real Time Shading and Rendering with PBR.
  • Introduction to Unity.
  • Introduction to Game Assembly.
  • Introduction to Coding in C#.
  • Creating your first Game in Unity.
  • Game packaging, Testing and Debugging.
Level Intermediate
Hours 50 Hrs.
Softwares Photoshop, 3ds Max, Unity

What makes this online course different?

  • Dedicated trainers with live training sessions
  • Experienced Trainers form the Industry
  • Downloadable reference content
  • Live Assignments

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