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MPAV: Roto, Paint & Compositing

960 Hours (Training + Practical) | 24 Months


About This Course


This comprehensive rotoscoping, paint, and compositing course covers the entire spectrum from basic techniques to advanced workflows, including compositing. You'll receive hands-on training with a variety of projects that will help you develop your skills, and you'll have access to feedback and support to guide you towards a career in the VFX industry. 

The course is designed by experienced professionals who have worked in the film and animation industries, providing you with a deep understanding of the techniques and workflows used in professional settings.


What will you learn in this program?

  • Introduction to rotoscoping, paint, and compositing.

  • Understanding the VFX pipeline and industry-standard software tools.

  • Advanced rotoscoping techniques such as tracking, stabilization, and matte creation.

  • Paint techniques including wire removal, object removal, and clean-up.

  • Working with green screens, mattes, and alpha channels.

  • Compositing techniques such as layering, blending modes, and color correction.

  • Multi-pass compositing and integrating 3D elements

  • Advanced color grading and finishing techniques.

  • Building a professional demo reel to showcase your skills and work.

Level Master
Duration 24 Months
Hours 960 Hrs.
Softwares 17 Softwares


Applicable Jobs

  • Roto Artist
  • Paint Artist
  • Compositor





Pre-Production (Sketching and storyboarding)

60 hrs.

Photoshop  (Photo editing and compositing)

40 hrs.

3ds Max - Introduction (3D software and gaming, architecture and assets)

50 hrs.
Maya - Foundation (Advanced 3D software for movies, series and visual effects) 220 hrs.

After Effects (Visual effects, motion graphics and compositing)

70 hrs.

Premiere Pro (Video editing and effects)

30 hrs.
Adobe Audition (sound editing and effects) 10 hrs.
  Total  480 hrs.




After Effects (Advanced layer based compositing)

30 hrs.

Maya (Camera pass rendering, camera projection)

20 hrs.

Mocha (2d planar tracking and rotoscopy tool)

30 hrs.

PF Track (Node base 3D camera tracking software)

40 hrs.

Silhouette (Versatile tool for rotocopy & paint)

30 hrs.

Nuke (Hi-end node base compositing software for films and series)

90 hrs.
  Total  240 hrs.


Masters + Portfolio Development



Photoshop (Sequence paint) 40 hrs.
Silhouette (Advanced roto & paint) 60 hrs.
Mocha (2D planar tracking and rotoscopy tool) 20 hrs.
Nuke (Hi-end node base compositing software for films and series) 120 hrs.
  Total   240 hrs.

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