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Expert Program : Web & UI / UX Design

300 Hours (Training +Practical) | 7 Months


About This Course

This program focuses on creating website for business, blogging, news, gaming and many other categories. Apart from beautiful design, it will also teach how to make it fully functional using all latest technologies and softwares.

In today's digital age, majority of businesses are online. So a professional looking website is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Creating unique website will make you stand apart in the crowd and will help to generate more leads and revenue.

Well-built website also gives credibility to your business. In a long run, it helps to improve your SEO score, baked by user rating and trust factors. All these parameters establish your brand in the market.


What will you learn in this program?

  • Complete website design.
  • Critical functions to handle all online processes.
  • Graphics creation as per client requirement.
  • UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).
  • Required back-end coding for smooth functioning of website.
Level Expert
Duration 07 Months
Hours 300 Hrs.
Softwares 12 Softwares


Applicable Jobs

  • Web Designer
  • UI / UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer




Web Design & Development 04 hrs.
Photoshop (Photo editing and compositing) 46 hrs.
Illustrator (Vector graphics and designing) 46 hrs.
UX Design  06 hrs.
UI Design  08 hrs.
XD (UI/UX design & collaboration tool) 34 hrs.
Figma (Vector graphics editor and prototyping tool) 12 hrs.
  Total  156 hrs.




HTML 5 (Coding language for web pages) 32 hrs.
CSS 3 (Website styling & formatting) 52 hrs.
Dreamweaver (Fully featured web and programming editor) 12 hrs.
Bootstrap (Website styling & formatting) 28 hrs.
Project and Portfolio 20 hrs.
  Total  144 hrs.

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