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Future-Proofing Your VFX Career: Emerging Technologies and Techniques

 29 Apr 2024  120


The industry of visual effects is constantly evolving, even more so with the emergence of AI and automation. It puts increasing pressure on new-age artists to learn ample skills. Some of them might not even be aware of what skills, techniques, and technologies to get the experience in. Thus, it’s time to reveal VFX career technologies and techniques for us to educate you on the same.

Once you’re aware of these techniques, skills, and expertise to harp on, you can begin a professional journey with fewer hiccups. It means you can grab more clients and work for better production houses or animation studios.

In fact, enrol yourself in courses related to VFX from trusted institutions like Frameboxx 2.0 to give you an edge. Here, you can learn a lot more about latest trends and techniques in the VFX sector for various fields and industries.

So, let’s not wait further. Dive into the post below and figure out yourself whether this is the career you want to opt for. Then, ready yourself with the skills and techniques listed below.

What are the skills and techniques you need to future-proof your VFX career in 2024?

1. Creativity to be original and appeal to the audience.

Learn to put your ideas out there through visual medium like shots, sequences, CGIs, and more. Be curious to sharpen your creativity. Know yourself more and then reflect your worldview onto the screen with ads, films, music videos, or anything else.

The more you learn about yourself, the more you will resonate with the target audience by using your original ideas and creativity.

2. Eagerness to learn new skills as the industry demands.

Visual effects industry keeps updating itself with new trends and techniques. You need to be someone who is always on the hunt to learn more. Your one of the unique selling points must be that you want to get deep knowledge and do deep work when it comes to filmmaking.

So, today, it might be AI and automation that you must learn. Tomorrow, it might be quantum marketing and the quantum world’s mechanism to infuse AR, VR, or VFX there. We never know what’s waiting for us at the edge of the film and advertisement industry.

3. Time management to deliver projects on time.

Be strict with your deadlines. Deliver the expected work on or before time. Be someone who always sticks to their promises. That is quality which will take you far in life and help you succeed in the VFX industry where word of mouth matters a lot.

When you improve your time management, it will enhance everyone’s else productivity in the pipeline of creating an animated project.

4. Dexterity in technical skills.

Be adept in learning and using technical tools. Have your way around those when you are working on any VFX project for an ad or a film. With virtual filmmaking studios or engines, you can generate appealing and lifelike content without having to go on shoots.

When you have a dexterous hand in technical skills, you will learn how to edit, render, and colour code your shots during the VFX stage.

You will also add original sounds, create CGI, and much more when it comes to finalising a VFX-powered advertisement, game, or a film.

5. Collaboration skills

When you want to learn VFX career technologies and techniques, this is one of the most crucial one to excel. Without collaborating with others, the entire film making process is challenging.

You might be on the technical, creative, marketing, or production side. It could be any, depending on your profile and background, to verify your experience and expertise.

No matter which department you belong to, there is always a need to collaborate with the previous and the next person. Without understanding their shortcomings or strengths, completing a VFX is no less than a feat.

6. Driving the project with passion and honesty

The next skill you must have and keep on sharpening is your passion for filmmaking. If it is lost, you will find the work boring and redundant, or you might run out of ideas. That is why you need to keep stimulating your senses with enough experience and knowledge.

Such experiences are only possible when you have the right passion, grit, and dedication to make it big in VFX. More than that, you also need to be honest with your seniors, peers, and juniors.

Without honesty, you can’t earn the trust and respect of the existing members in a production or art studio. Win their hearts and learn how each member will help you get onto the track to create excellent VFX projects.

7. Problem-solving skills

Orient your mind towards solving problems when it comes to filmmaking, shooting ads, or rendering the final VFX project. Be the first one to know a solution and save everyone’s time and energy on the set or at the production house.

With a solution-oriented mindset, you will think calmly. You will know which transition, effect, or element to add, edit, remote, or adjust in the frame. Then, you can easily speed up the process to solve any pending query or problem.

8. Storytelling skills

Have a mindset to tell stories. That is when your content becomes more impactful, irrespective of adding visual effects. When you’re a good storyteller, your direction, cinematography, lighting, side effects, colour coding, and more will automatically improve.

You will be the first person to direct everyone on the set and then to take the narrative of the story ahead. You can easily guide the junior VFX artists to work on the frame as per your direction and vision.

Storytelling skills help you to make a simple content more engaging and interacting. If you’re already proficient in it, then you can start working on freelancing gigs to assist someone in the production.

It will give you the best exposure while completing your graduation in the same.

9. Updated knowledge of AI and automated tools

We are already in the midst of a rapid revolution in AI and automation that is stepping into every other sector, including filmmaking. So, as a rising VFX star or artist, you must know how you can profit from these tools.

Use as many of the already available AI tools to understand which one of these can make your films and ads better. Such tools can easily improve your TAT or turnaround time to complete your indie or group projects.

Leverage these tools and you might not even need any other actor for voiceover, for instance. It will save you and production houses a lot of investing costs.

Otherwise, enrol in a course that teaches you the nitty-gritty of the most common AI and automated tools useful for VFX artists.

10. Readiness to take the lead on challenging VFX projects

You need to have the guts and enthusiasm in you when challenging VFX and filmmaking projects are handed over to you. Get a lot of experience through internships first. Become assistant to a senior VFX artist.

Check how they are adding more visual effects to already shot scenes. Learn to take lead micro projects from their to-do lists to earn their trust. Then, move up to challenging projects and see how much creativity and simplicity you can add with your existing knowledge to the film.

11. Strong portfolio and network of references

Continue to add more projects to your portfolio while you’re studying or about to study a course. Collect references and live testimonials from your clients. Create an IMDB profile and get an ID card from your film production or association.

Do not forget to network with the VFX artists and clients along the way. They can help you with references. Then, create a showreel of your talent and craft. That will come in handy to influence new and potential clients to give you new and better projects.


We studied 11 VFX career technologies and techniques to implement in your craft and experience. These majorly included the skills and smart work you need to do. This will help you get better at networking, building a portfolio, working on your storytelling, and much more.

When you’re discovering the artist in you and presenting the same to the world, do not forget to enrich your knowledge. Get as smart as you can when it comes to learning new concepts of VFX through a comprehensive course.

Be ready to avail the information on it through Frameboxx 2.0 to start your visual effects and animation journey today.

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