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The Rise of NFTs in the Gaming and VFX Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

 16 Mar 2024  267

NFTs are consistently showing an uptrend in the gaming and VFX industry. Off-lately, we read about the NFT games. There, players can trade, sell, or buy game items with real money and exchange it with their team players for the chosen cryptocurrency. In short, there is a lot of scope for NFTs in the gaming and VFX industry.

However, if you want to pursue a career in NFT in any which way, you must be familiar with its challenges and opportunities. That way, you can make a sound decision about whether you’re ready to take up a detailed course from a portal like Frameboxx 2.0.

Taking up updated courses in VFX and NFT can equip you with every bit of knowledge required to make it big in this field.

So, if you are interested in reading more about this rise of NFTs, continue reading this blog. You will get plenty of details to make the best choice for your career and professional life in NFTs.

How can we define an NFT?

NFTs are popularly known or termed as non-fungible tokens. These are one of a kind of digital assets that you build and trade over a blockchain, making it hard to duplicate, steal, or change.

NFTs help you buy digital others in a game or make really good art with visual effects.

How do NFTs come to play a role in the gaming industry or sector?

NFT games use NFTs or non-fungible tokens to interact, create, and evolve a player in the game. Users playing NFT games will have to use NFTs to buy, sell, create, or modify the gameplay for their main character.

Developers create NFTs on the basis of smart contracts for the gameplay to reach a level where the player can use or unlock these NFTs.

The smart contracts shift the ownership of the selected or chosen NFTs to the player once their character and the gameplay are crafted and executed to a certain level.

Players have the choice to use the NFT in the current game or take the same tokens to another game. They can even sell their earned NFTs in the outside world, particularly in a blockchain-powered NFT market exchange.

Opportunities lined up for NFTs in the gaming and VFX industry

  • Massive boom of gaming and VFX in the global economy:

The NFT market in the gaming industry is predicted to have a growth of $147 billion globally by the end of 2026. Similarly, the government of India is currently working on streamlining and standardising the exchange of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in India.

The importance of NFTs in the Indian influencer, creator, and film sector or fraternity has risen a couple of times since the wake of COVID-19. For example, an influential person from WazirX already commented that the craze of NFT in India and surrounding countries means that it is the boom of a passion economy.

Now is the time when most artists in the Southeast Asian region have the fastest internet speed, the most activated creative minds, and the right tools to educate themselves without hefty costs.

  • Better profit margins for the creators:

Indian experts have a lot of diverse views on creating and collecting NFT art, especially for exhibitions and creating unique galleries. Where earlier curators and gallerists took up to 40% charge in running an exhibition of an art piece, an online platform charges up to 2-5% only.

This gives a lot of profit margin for young artists to create and curate their own NFTs at various online platform.

  • NFTs demand uniqueness and creativity:

Be it the gaming or VFX industry, NFTs have to be highly creative, unique, or original. These digital tokens are not easy to replicate. So, it gives a lot of scope to the original artist to showcase their talent in the gaming and the VFX industry with these NFTs.

That also means that the original creator of the NFT will get their exact due or royalties on the NFT that they list online. Otherwise, they can ask for better prices on every exchange.

  • Anyone can create NFTs while learning how to develop a game:

Game developers and designers can learn a new skill to create, launch, and integrate NFTs into their current gameplays. These people already have a visionary perspective and mindset. They are good at visualising the art behind the character arc or the entire gameplay.

So, creating NFT and adding a new layer to their existing one would not be that tough for them. In fact, they can attract more investors and sponsors once they create NFT games with enough knowledge and hands-on experience.

Challenges for NFT in the gaming and VFX industry:

  • Current platforms are not meant for handling large volumes of trades:

Current Indian gaming platforms are still at the nascent stage of handling a large volume of NFT trades in the game. So, it puts the NFT designer at a fix at times when they want to get a foray into this market with bulk orders.

Similarly, the VFX industry is fairly getting used to including NFTs into the ad campaigns or any other format of digital media. It will take at least a few years for the NFT-based art and creativity to become mainstream in the VFX industry.

  • The government is still unsure about the policies to create around NFTs:

The Indian government is still unsure about what type of policies to impose on blockchain-backed products like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. These markets are certainly volatile and can make someone richer and poorer in quicker time frames.

Thus, right now, an NFT designer or artist must focus on sharpening their skills and wait for the right time in India to get into this sector as a professional.


The blog copy above highlights the brief introduction of NFTs in the gaming and VFX industry. Then, we moved ahead to talk about its opportunities and challenges to give you a detailed view of this sector.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion that it is the right time for creative enthusiasts to learn more skills when it comes to the NFT world. That means enrolling yourself in reputed courses in VFX or gaming from institutes like Frameboxx 2.0 to prepare yourself for a better future.

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