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How big is VFX as a career in India?

 16 Feb 2024  114

There is a broader scope to form your VFX career in India. By VFX, we mean the visual effects industry. Currently it is already booming if we talk about Indian production and media houses. Such houses constantly look for fresh talent in India to take up their VFX projects.

The VFX career in India is going to be quite profitable for anyone looking to spend at least a decade in this field. Young minds who love creativity, storytelling, photo/video editing, and creating numerous forms of artwork, can find their growth in the VFX industry.

For instance, first, you need to enroll yourself in a reputed course in VFX or animation from academies like Frameboxx 2.0. Then, after earning your certification, your chances of getting hired in the top-notch production houses increase automatically when you sit for the placements.

Get to know more about the visual effects business and career in India in the post below.

What major roles can you apply for in the VFX industry in India?

Roto artist

A rotoscoping artist has a very technical work. They need to trace the real-life movement of a character in mind. These calculations of the movements in real life help the compositors with a framework to create CGI characters later on and add visual effects on each frame and layer for better output.

Lighting artist

Lighting plays a major role in live-action or any CGI-operated storyboarding and storyline. Lighting can change the mood, experience, and personality of a character.

So, lighting artists must understand what type of lighting should be allowed or permissible in a frame, shot, or scene. They need to know how much lighting must be highlighted on the main object or character in a frame to take the story ahead as per the script.

Proper lighting helps to improve and balance the continuity of the storyline and the character arc. So, lighting artists provide the right balance of brightness, contrast, shadow, and/or saturation through lighting and make the scene or frame pop.

Compositing artist

A compositing artist makes sure that they take the right inputs from the rotoscoping process and artists and form the right sequence in their live-action or VFX frames. They ensure the sequence and scene are smooth when each transition is considered.

That helps maintain continuity and ensure that each scene is shot, created, and reproduced on the software as demanded, without disconnection.

This job requires a strong fundamental knowledge of VFX, putting the scenes together, using multiple tools to create visual effects, and producing CG imagery as per the client’s requirements.

Rendering artist

When we talk about the VFX career in India, rendering artists are in high demand. These artists have similar technical jobs as the compositing artists. They have to put together the 3D models and artwork.

They also render the final output in a way that makes it seem it has been shot in real life the way the viewer sees it. Their core job is to ensure that the idea of the animated movie, live-action film, or project is transformed really into appealing content.

Match mover artist

Such an artist is a master of both words: 2D and 3D. These trace the movements of the CGI-operated characters and visuals. They have to do a quality assurance of all the movements, expressions, looks, and feel of the VFX product.

Then, they match the content with the live-action footage. They check and give responses to the roto artists if there are more discrepancies in both shots.

Layout artist

These artists work at the pre-production stage and help create visuals for the layout of the VFX content to be produced later on. They lay the foundation for all the other staff in the process by educating everyone on what and how the visuals should look like.

They integrate the script with the storyboard and create visually appealing templates for all other technical staff to better understand the shot, frame, and scene before going on the floor/field to shoot.

Matte painter

Ever seen any visual effects on a VFX-backed movie or series? Do you think it is hard to produce or create in real life without any reference? That is where a matte artist or painter enters to play their role.

They take visual cues from the real-life footage and shots. They are proficient in clicking epic and scenic photographs or drawing amazing sketches.

Then, they can leverage tools online to turn their original artwork, like sketches or photographs, into VFX products where other live-action scenes will be incorporated later.

What is the future of the VFX industry in India?

More international projects and production houses are reaching Indian VFX studios to complete their series or shows with on-demand visual effects.

For example, VFX for Fearsome Dragons, a popular series on HBO was created in Mumbai’s Method Studios. This studio has also contributed to major international shows and movies like Black Panther and Infinity War.

Digital Domain has already opened its fifth studio in India. That’s the studio originally owned by James Cameron. All such international forays in India in the VFX industry have already forced the Indian government to increase the budgets allotted to the AVCG industry.

In fact, earlier, the FICCI report predicted the VFX industry to rise from Rs. 54 billion in 2016 to Rs. 114 billion in 2020. That is almost a 50-60 percent increase in the market size of the Indian animation and VFX industry in a mere four years.

According to a Statista report, the same industry will reach Rs. 147 billion by 2024.

Moreover, because of VFX, we are quickly moving away from real-life green screens to visual effects to be added to frames on the go. AI tools are also increasingly in demand when adding VFX effects to a shot without hard work.

For example, Dr Strange’s time gateways, Mowgli fights in Sher Khan, and various mountains and castles in the background of GoT were all VFX! In short, modern VFX movies and series are giving a promise of eye-catching visuals, transporting an average viewer to a new world of wonder, and creating a fan base across the world in a zap.


We have only scraped the surface of the VFX career in India in the post above. There is more to learn, understand, and practice when you enroll with us at Frameboxx2.0.

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