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Game Designing Course after 12th for a Gaming Career!

 08 Feb 2023  958

Game Designing Course after 12th for a Gaming Career!

We all have been playing video games all our lives if you relate to the Millennials and Gen Z generation. Now is the time when the video game designing industry is already flourishing in India. After our online research, we found that the average package for a game designer or similar person can be up to 4-6 Lacs per annum.

This is a good amount for a student who learns a game designing course after the 12th for a flourishing gaming career. Exactly for this purpose, we are writing this blog post. It will help you to know how to improve your creative career in game designing and development.

From the list below, you can find the perfect video game designing course to pursue after the 12th class. These courses might be available at an undergraduate, diploma, or certification level. The cost, duration, and course material vary. But there will be enough time to decide when you start researching.

Research these courses in detail online to know more.

List Of Top Game Designing Courses After 12th For A Gaming Career:

Certificate in Gaming

This can be a very basic course in gaming. When you do online research, you will find hundreds of certification courses in gaming. What matters is what you want to choose and learn. Some courses teach you the fundamentals of gaming. While others certificate courses give you the best industrial knowledge. Whatever you choose, pick the certificate course you think can add value to your career after 12th. And try to learn at least a few game development and design tools in such a course, if possible.

Also, this type, of course, might be shorter in duration. So, if you want a job immediately after 12th, you can opt for a certificate in gaming instead of a diploma or graduation program.

Diploma in Game Programming

The diploma courses help groom the student to become an entrepreneurial person when it comes to game programming. The students learn to have a sharp mind during the course. They learn how to form creative ideas, put them into action, and make use of available codes for putting ideas into action. This game designing course can give you a rundown on the basics of game programming required for 2D and 3D types of video games. You will get a lot of game design and technical knowledge from this game programming course.

Diploma in Game Development

Your programming and computer science knowledge will be helpful when you go for a diploma in game development course. Any beginner or professional can take up this course to improve their knowledge of game development. There can be different courses for different purposes. One of the many includes setting up the game workflow as an asset.

You will learn to pay attention to a video game’s model and texture.

Students can also choose different diplomas in game development in India. The main topics range from developing action, and adventure, to Tetris size games. The fun is developing 

those games for a market. So you will get to develop the gameplay and test it for a better user experience.

Bachelors in Media Graphics & Animation

It can be a 40+ months course. But take it up from a recognised platform, if you plan to do it online. You can learn about animation, visual effects, and 3D graphics from this course. Subject matter experts take live lessons in bachelor courses. They help you with projects to create at the international and national levels. After completing this course, you can apply for jobs in motion graphics, graphic designing, texturing, lighting, storyboarding, etc. As a student, check if the course empowers you to teach tools like Photoshop, Spark AR, Lightroom, Figma, CoralDRAW, etc. These tools really help you be the best in what you do when it comes to setting and designing graphics for 2D and 3D video games.

Graduate program in Animation, Graphics and Media Studies

This course can be of 30-40 months, as per our online research. This course is ideal for students who want to apply for jobs in entertainment, game designing, graphic designing, video editing and more. Industry experts provide hands-on guidance to students in this course.

Students earn certification in subjects like:

  • Colour Theory,
  • Sketching & Drawing,
  • Digital Photography,
  • Design Principles,
  • CoralDraw,
  • Figma,
  • Advance Video Effects,
  • 3D Motion Graphics, etc.

Students at the end of the year also learn how to set up their portfolios. Industry experts help them be ready for the corporate world after they are about to graduate from the game designing course in India.

They can also go for other certifications in the same course at the end of their third year. It will be an add on to their portfolio.


Game designing is at the top of its game in 2023 and beyond. The Indian government is already trying its best to budget the gaming sector right. And for students, it’s the right time to take their gaming career to the next level after 12th.

If you feel the above list is the one you want to explore, you can browse This platform provides digital training to every student who loves art, motion pictures, visual effects, and animation. Your game designing fascination will be at new heights when you take up any graduation and diploma course from there of your choice. So go ahead and start exploring.

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