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Environmental Sustainability in VFX and Animation: Green Practices in a Digital World

 20 Mar 2024  220


Earlier, the film and VFX industry paid little to no attention to green practices in a digital world, be it the way Mount Doom poured gas across Morder or the episodes of methane gas coming from the Stegosaurus in the Jurassic Park movie.

However, times are changing. Film fraternity and industry experts are introducing more extensive use of VFX and animation to eliminate paperwork and manual efforts.

The world around us is already sensitive enough. Every now and then, various cities around the world need help to improve their air quality.

Thus, the film fraternity is consciously educating and training more aspiring artists to use the latest tech, which is less burdensome in the already polluted environment.

If you’re one of these aspiring students in VFX and animation, first complete your education about green practices. Enroll in courses from Frameboxx 2.0 that provide you with extensive knowledge and training on the latest projects that are sustainable and greener.

Continue to read the blog and get quick information on greener practices that you can implement as a VFX and animation industry professional.

What are the common green practices in the digital world of VFX and animation?

Go paperless by learning smart tools and software

As a student and aspiring VFX and animation artist, you might be required to learn a lot at once. We already have 100s of tools and software to learn. Thus, it is best that you enroll in online learning classes and tutorial sessions.

Depend as little as possible on paperwork. Store everything on the cloud. Register a student ID on the academy’s portal, which allows you lifetime access to the courses on the new tools, software, or projects.

So, you now have less burden on storing important educational material on the VFX and animation projects and learning material.

Take up freelance gigs to remove the need to commute

Travel less by taking up online freelance gigs related to VFX and animation. You can be a graphic designer, audio engineer, VFX specialists, roto artists, etc. All these and more projects do not actually require you to be on the set or scene.

You can work from behind your desk and actively avoid crowding public places during your daily commute. This saves you precious and limited time.

Moreover, with online gigs, you get exposure to global and national-level production houses or marketing agencies to work for.

You can get more clients online if you focus on building your portfolio as a VFX or animation expert. Get testimonials from clients or colleagues in a project for a film, game, or any digital advertisement.

Collect references and continue to apply for multiple projects online. That also helps you take control of your working hours and be more productive compared to offline working hours.

When you waste hours in commute, you feel exhausted and irritated most of the time after reaching the office.

Re-create scenes in the virtual film studios as a substitute for live-action

Bring out the creativity as much as you can when you are a storyboarding artist, screenplay writer, VFX artist, or creative art director. Take projects online and learn how to operate a virtual filmmaker app or software.

Learn how to put together frames and create immersive shots, sequences, and scenes. Eliminate the process of going on the scenes as much as you can when you can create more immersive art, frames, and moving scenes using the VFX engine.

Collaborate with other artists online and ensure to see through the deliverable output of the project. Be honest with everyone and believe in learning on the go.

That will take you long way when you want to be an expert in VFX and animation industry without having to mess up the environment.

Use automated tools to replace redundancy and low-quality work

Use AI and automation whenever you can in your VFX and animation projects to replace mundane and redundant work/tasks.

Be it for a game, movie, music, or a digital advertisement, do not miss this opportunity.

There are various online tools and apps that help you create original content and designs in seconds.

Create those, integrate the artwork with other apps that allow you to move those in action. Save time so that you can use the software and apps for limited period and do not waste energy consumed by your gadgets.

Also, AI and automated tools help you create high-quality work in seconds, which might take you hours if you’re new to VFX and animation.

Fix your working hours for the day with strict time management

As creative people, we tend to lose the track of time when we are brainstorming and practicing new forms of art. Try to refrain from doing so because you might end up using too much electrical energy.

So, dedicate your online working hours accordingly to each project, gig, or learning session. That makes you more mindful when you are working or educating yourself online.

Time management like this makes you more productive. You will not burn out much. Deliverables will be clearer and you can take only those projects which you think you will complete within the stipulated timeframe.

This improves your professional relationship with your clients, bosses, and colleagues in the VFX and animation industry.

Work for carbon-neutral film projects and studios

Make conscious choices when it comes to taking up VFX and animation projects. Work for carbon-neutral projects or film studios. These studios will depend on sustainable filmmaking processes and teach you about the same on the go.

For example, Z Film Studios is one such production house that has already started committing to greener digital practices of filmmaking, especially after 2020. You will find more such production houses when you research.


We discovered six core green practices in a digital world to adapt or adopt, especially when you belong to the VFX and animation industry. One such practice is also to educate yourself about the latest tools and software online at your pace. Enroll yourself at Frameboxx 2.0 for that if you think you’re ready to master the craft of VFX and animation.

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