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The Growing Demand for Technical Artists in the Animation Industry

 19 Apr 2024  176


Have you directed any animation projects before? Do you want to take the lead on projects and win big? Then, this blog post is where you will learn about the growing demand and impact of technical artists in the animation industry.

These artists are responsible to speed up the workflow, improve the process quality, and leverage animation tools for the entire team. They have ample industry knowledge and technical experience of the know-how; they are tech-savvy and love to blend their knowledge with creativity.

We can say technical artists are able to enjoy the best of both worlds when we talk about the animation industry. They get real-time feedback from their clients, audience, buyers, or viewers/gamers.

So, let’s read more about their job roles, importance, jobs etc., in the animation industry below. Later, you can enroll in a comprehensive animation course from Frameboxx 2.0 and get yourself the right knowledge to be a professional TD soon.

What or who is a technical artist in the animation industry?

Technical artists are often or frequently labelled as TAs in the animation field or industry. These people are the technicians behind the making of an animated project like a video or a film. You will find them in roles like:

  • Tools developer
  • Software engineer
  • Technical artist
  • Pipeline developer
  • CG developer
  • R&D developer
  • Software developer
  • Scripting developer

And much more!

Basically, these people have the technical knowledge of their section or field which is useful in the animating a film or video.

With the help of their technical skills and expertise, filmmakers are able to expedite the process, improving the overall quality and making the film more detailed with fewer errors.

What are the top qualities of animation technical artists?

Problem-solving skills:

Technical artists think on their feet to solve problems that they face during filming. They have a mindset to come up with creative, engineering, and analytical solutions. Their solutions are often cost-effective for the production team to overcome hurdles efficiently.

Technical support and guidance:

They can easily lend a helping hand to the production staff, which includes animators, designers, light men, spot boys, etc.

They are good at communicating ideas and giving directions to shoot the films or sequences better. People reach out to them to resolve technical roadblocks effectively.

Knowledge of animation workflows:

One of the animator TDs will always know how to smoothen and streamline the animation workflow. That happens because these people are good communicators, listeners, and observers.

They know what goes into the entire process of animating a film or ad shoot. Besides that, they are good with people, so they know what to expect from anyone on the team to reduce turnaround time and get work done quickly.

Knowledge of 3D programs and tools:

Some of the technical artists include software, game, or tools developers. These developers know their way around 3D animation tools and programs. They know how to leverage each of the available tools to their advantage and ensure that the final output amazes everyone.

Coding skills:

Most of the software and game developers have sharp coding and programming skills. They can speed up the entire workflow of the CGI film shoots and editing with their coding skills.

They can develop new tools for the production house instead of purchasing costly tools from third-party websites or sources.

Such technical artists in the animation industry are useful for production houses, as they can cut costs and improve efficiency when necessary.

Who all do animation technical artists or TD work with?

You will find animation technical artists or TDs working with numerous people. This may or may not include:

  • Animators
  • Layout artists
  • Production managers
  • Light managers
  • Art director
  • Scriptwriters
  • Director of the shoot
  • First AD
  • Designers and developers

How can you become a technical director in the animation industry?

Technical artists are seniors in filmmaking or film production. They require at least a couple of years of experience in the field for shooting ads, animation, or adding visual effects with tools and programs.

Courses and skills to learn:

The first thing technical artists must do is learn digital skills, such as:

  • Coding
  • Programming
  • Animation and VFX tools and software

They can enroll in a full-time degree or diploma courses online at any point in life after a certain experience in filmmaking. A full-time course empowers with the knowledge of technical know-how and ways to improve their perspectives.

At the school or college level:

You must have an ideal educational background in mathematics, science, or drawing when you go into filmmaking later on.

A good knowledge of the physical and biological attributes of the human body and other living beings helps you characterise better on the computer.

Get an internship or apprenticeship:

Work under an expert in technical direction in various fields as an assistant, intern, or apprentice. Get exposure to various projects and learn how things work at different sets.

Work closely with ADs, film artists, coders, programmers, light men, spot boys, etc. Check their schedule, behaviour, and perspective. Know what makes them tick and how they play with their strengths on the shoot.

All in all, be a keen observer whenever you get an internship for a film or ad shoot. This experience will take you a long way in networking, knowing the real technicalities, and advancing your skills in real time.

Build a portfolio on your projects:

Create a showreel of the content that you’ve led or assisted over the year. Gather feedback and testimonials on your social media profiles. Create an IMDB and other relevant social media accounts to connect with industry leaders and experts.

Send out your portfolios to casting artists and film producers regularly. Sit in for auditions and meetings. Develop an oversight on how film industry is shaping when it comes to the demand of the best technical director on the set.


We learnt a low of about technical artists in the animation industry in the post above. From the content pasted in the post, we can gather how the demand for such professionals is increasing in the Indian market with an increase in animation and VFX budgets.

If you want to boost your career in this field, start with a better and more comprehensive course from Frameboxx 2.0. Get ahead of your contemporaries. Experience hands-on knowledge with blended training modules.

Learn from the best experts about the technicalities of animation and VFX in different fields and sectors. Then, decide whether how you want to carve the professional journey from there as an aspiring technical artist.

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