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Best Animation And VFX Courses In India After 12th/10th For Indian Students

 23 Sep 2023  431
Animation and VFX Course Selection Guide in India After 10th/12th

Best Animation And VFX Courses In India After 12th/10th For Indian Students

More than 500-600 colleges offer
animation and VFX courses in India. Choosing the best among those can confuse you as a 12th/10th class student in India. As per the research online, currently, there are 350[a1] + privately owned Indian colleges offering these courses. You will find plenty of options when you go online and find animation and VFX courses. Now, in the middle of these choices, you will be confused and end up wasting time.

Additionally, you need an easy-to-understand but highly reputed VFX and animation course that helps you learn the latest tips, tricks, and technologies for creating content like games, movies, music videos, etc. Thus, it’s best to consider a few things we’ve curated in this blog before locking the animation or VFX course and academy of your choice.

Which Institute Is The Best For Learning Animation And VFX At Your Pace In India After The 10th/12th?

Frameboxx animation and visual effects offers world-class education in animation and VFX and helps them get expertise in the Media industry.

So, right now, if you complete your 12th, you will wonder which career to pursue. 10th standard is even more confusing as we have to choose our specialised courses in most of the schools. Choosing a career path at this tender stage of life makes you feel like picking up everything that comes your way. One way such course is in animation and VFX.

However, you can browse to know more about these courses. Students will experience live projects when they enroll in the animation and VFX programs there. Technological evangelists develop each course and chapter with care, and accurate and updated knowledge.

At Frameboxx, students after 10th and 12th learn to be more creative. The knowledge is not only based on software or tools. Each course also takes you one step ahead in testing your creativity and intuition in animation, gaming, graphic designing, photography, and other skills.

How Will I Join Animation And VFX Courses In India After The 12th?

You do not need an A+ or 9+ CGPA on your scorecard to enroll in an animation and VFX course in India. Today, it’s very easy to register for a reputed animation course online.

Most academies teaching animation, gaming, VFX, and other creative and technical skills require you to pass 12th grade with 50-60% marks. Even a student from a science, commerce, or arts background will get admission to a college that teaches animation.

Often some of these colleges have other requirements. You need to talk to their admin and know the specifics.

Rest of the colleges offering VFX and animation courses in India require you to pass an entrance exam. Not to worry, though. These exams help you examine and analyses your creativity, aptitude, and technical skills to handle various projects after selection.

India is already conducting many VFX/animation exams, including NID DAT, CEED, and JET.

Which Animation And VFX Course In India Should You Enroll In?

Let’s make a list of deciding factors to consider before you start searching for the same.

  1. Easy-to-understand chapters

Find the animation and VFX courses that are easy to understand. Not every student has a fast learning pace or curve. These technical and creative skills might take time to grasp if the student is still unsure what to do after passing 12th class. It is common for people of that age to think like that.

  1. Nationally accepted courses

Do not just go for any animation and VFX course, whether online or offline. Trust the course which the national boards or authorities also accept. It increases its credibility, and you will find easier ways to enroll.

  1. Check reviews of the courses

Check and read the reviews of the colleges or academies you pick to know which animation and VFX course is the best. Students often leave comments about the course curriculum online. Find those comments and check if they are genuine. Connect with those students or alums of the academy. Have a discussion about the course experience, and then you will have a better idea of which course and academy to select.

  1. Cost-effective prices

The admission fee for the animation and VFX course can range anywhere from 1.5 lakh to 12 lakh INR. It depends on which college, academy, or institute falls under your predefined budget.

  1. Check the recruitment possibilities

You will enroll in an animation or VFX course after the 12th to get better career opportunities. That’s for sure. So, check whether the chosen academy is offering you any placement opportunities after completing the course. Check the list of the approved companies that previously employed students from that institution. This fact-based information helps to make you the choice of the best animation and VFX courses in India.

  1. Verify the type of training you will receive

One of the best training sessions to receive for an animation student is Techno Artist Training. Under this method, you can learn the technical and creative side of the course, irrespective of your class or standard. You will develop both artistic and professional sense out of the course that will help you get better employment opportunities later on.

What Subjects Can You Expect To Learn From The Best VFX Course In India?

The top institutes help you learn VFX subjects, including:

  • Film making
  • Final cut pro
  • 3DS Max
  • Graphic Designing

What Must The Best Animation And VFX Courses In India Include?

You should be able to learn software, artistic, and industry knowledge from the chosen animation course in India. With the span of 3 years, of course, you can learn tools like:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDRAW
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Figma
  • Spark AR
  • HTML 5
  • 3DS Max
  • Java Script
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D
  • Nuke

These are only a handful of tools I can think of to refer to in the best animation course you will seek online.


Enrolling in an animation and VFX course in India after the 10th/12th class is easy when you have clarity on the purpose. After learning the course, you must know which specialization you will pick and whether you want to go into hardcore animation or video editing for VFX. After you decide that, read the blog again. It helps you double down on the best animation and VFX courses in India with extensive research on the deciding factors.



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