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Beginner's Guide For The Animation Industry

 06 Jun 2023  825

Beginner's Guide For The Animation Industry

Animation evokes emotion in both types of audiences, including children and adults. The way you are able to tell stories when you learn animation and execute your ideas into concepts is wonderful and unique each time. And if you are serious to take your animator career to the next level, you need to search for the best animation course in India. As you begin this research, you need to be able to identify the core subjects you want to master and implement. Because that’s when you can also put your knowledge to better use and enter the media industry at the peak time. And as long as you find animation to be fun, the learning curve will be exciting to explore.

As a matter of fact, with this beginner’s guide to the animation industry and the subjects included to learn, you can begin your journey easily.

Also, when you create unique characters in an animation project for games or movies, they feel like your own. That is a unique bond and feeling you seldom get from live-action movies. So, let’s explore the list of subjects taught in an animation course within different colleges in India as a core topic to discuss in the beginner’s guide. That way, you will find it easy to decide when and how to register for an online animation course.

Common And Trendy Subjects Taught In An Animation Course In India:

2D and 3D animation:

Learn about the differences between 2D and 3D animation in this topic or subject for gaming and framing purposes. You will know how images are generated in 2D and 3D dimensions. Then, you can learn where to apply these images for better industrial knowledge using software for sketching, drawing, designing, and editing photos.

Aesthetic skills:

Through aesthetic skills, you will learn how to develop the appearance of the character, object, or any environment you try to create within the image or scene of your animation. Basically, you make your imagination real with aesthetic skills and make the outcome more visually appealing for the viewers within seconds. Through this subject, you will learn the art of imagination, colour palettes, and design principles as well. You will also get exposure to design/draw the character and colour them according to a particular mood, scene, or emotion.

Design principles:

There are numerous design principles you must learn to make the character, object, or any scene more appealing and logical. You will be learning principles like:

  • Timing and spacing,
  • Arcs,
  • Exaggeration,
  • Solid drawing,
  • Squash and Stretch,
  • Appeal, and
  • Staging

Photo editing and compositing:

Photo editing is an important part when you’re learning the best animation course in India. It will teach you how to edit a photograph perfectly as per your idea. This can be from tweaking the image's saturation, brightness, filters, contrast, etc., to adding more layers. That’s when the post-production part pipes in, called compositing. It helps to put together all the layers of your object or image together to form the perfect composition.

It could be in 2D and 3D. Overall, it depends on what you’re making and how you want to frame the picture or animation. The idea pops up in your head, and then you formulate it better with your photo editing and compositing skills.

Multi-page designing:

You will learn how to create layered and multiple-page landing pages with a killer UX. As a coder and developer, you learn the gist of creating appealing pages from this subject. For that, you need to add elements and test if the pages are getting the right score for the latest UI/UX trends in the market or as per the industry of your project.

Vector graphics and designing:

For those of you aspiring to be excellent game developers, illustrators, graphic designers or artists in the future, that’s an important subject to learn in the animation course. You will learn how to form the mathematical sequence of computer-generated images in this subject. As far as the groundwork is concerned, you will learn how to develop and design scalable graphics within minutes. It could be perfect knowledge for corporate logos, graphics, and other elements your project head might ask you to design. Whereas vector images also help you create cleaner and smoother animations. These images are also super helpful in app/website development, campaigns based on CAD tools, and branding purposes.


You can research hundreds of more subjects to learn in an animation course. Each will be unique, and highly creative. From the beginner’s guide above, you know the basic subjects like photo editing, visualising, and designing, to audio/video editing and effects to learn to grow as a professional animator. Soon enough, you can direct those animated movies or games. However, first, you need to strengthen the basics of animation. And that’s possible only when you enrol in the best course available to you. From the above blog post, you get an idea of the subjects to begin this journey into the world of gaming, movies and VFX. But there’s no shortage. They will be more. Explore and evaluate which one you want.

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