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Rigging – Upper Body Setup in Maya – Part 2

 08 May 2021  952
Rigging – Upper Body Setup in Maya – Part 2

Rigging is one of the most important processes in CGI Filmmaking which includes not only artistic but also technical skills.

Just because of the perfect rig a 3D animator can create life-like animation.
Autodesk Maya is one of the well known software which provides an artist with the right toolset for creating this blend. That’s one of the main reasons why Maya is appreciated and used widely by all the Animation studios and artists across the industry.

This is an opportunity to use your time to understand this wonderful process of rigging in Maya with our master trainer Mr. Amit Chhetri.

This webinar will teach you:
1. Introduction to Maya tools for Rigging
2. Introduction to Maya Joint system
3. Creating custom Attributes and Controllers
4. Creating a working Upper Body rig Setup
5. Tips and tricks

Followed by a live Q&A session by the Master trainer Mr. Amit Chhetri. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

The schedule is as follows.

  • Date: 8th May, Saturday, 2021
  • Time: 4.00 pm onwards

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