Photorealistic Lighting & Rendering using Maya & Arnold

 21 Jan 2023  172

Webinar: Photorealistic Lighting & Rendering using Maya & Arnold

In this webinar you will learn
1. Core key concepts about Lighting - 3 Point Lighting Setup
2. Types of Arnold Light
3. Volumetric Rays
4. Cinematic Character Lighting
5. Render & AOV Settings

Siddhesh Bhosale is a known name in CG Artist. He has 6+ years of combined experience in Industry and Academics. Being an immensely talented gaming, He is also a great team player. He is able to deliver high-end modelling & game inorganic modeling.

He has worked with many respected post production houses including Bata India, Optiminastic Media, Amazon Pvt Ltd & More.

The schedule is as follows.
Date: 21st January, Saturday, 2023
Time: 4.00 pm onwards
Webinar link:

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