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A career in Animation after class 10th/12th: Complete Details

 24 May 2023  1207
A career in Animation after class 10th 12th Complete Details

A career in Animation after class 10th/12th: Complete Details


Do you want to pursue a Career in Animation? If yes, then it is ideal to start the preparation for it after your 12th grade itself. So, what is an animation course? Are you confused about whether to do a Bachelor's Degree in Media Graphics & Animation or a diploma? Well, This subject is a visual and technical course that teaches us about movement and illusion. It displays a series of images in fast succession. Let us understand how you can make a career in animation after class 10th or 12th in detail. 

A career in animation in India promises a handsome salary.  There are new professional opportunities that open up as we move into the digital age. One of them is animation. It offers the most diverse employment options. Moreover, students can enroll in animation courses after the completion of the 12th standard in any stream. In short, it means that students from science, commerce, or the arts can do this course. 

Animation has become a very popular medium today. One can see its use in many places including in movies, television series, and commercials.  They create a tremendous demand for professional and skilled animators in the industry. Examples include Hollywood animated films, and Indian animated films such as Bal Hanuman and Bal Ganesha, etc. You can read this complete article to understand all about the animation course, eligibility, job opportunities, and other information.

Animation Courses in India After 12th 

We have made various decisions in our lives as adults. The choice of the right career path is the most crucial decision for students. This starts right after they complete their 12th standard. They must choose the correct professional path. Students have various employment options to pick from. They can follow their interests and inclinations to shape their career. After the 12th, students need to discuss the prospect of a Career in animation and VFX if they are interested in it. 

Eligibility for Animation Degree Programs

  • Applicants must get a minimum score of 50% in their 12th 

  • The student must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board in any subject - science, commerce, or the arts.

Certificate Courses After 12th 2022 

Certificate courses are designed for students who want to learn enough about animation to work in the field. One such course is the 15th months duration course Specialization Program in 3D / VFXAlthough certificate courses are not as long as bachelor's or diploma programs, certain employers may hire students who have completed a certificate program as interns. As their work experience increases 

Animation Eligibility for Certificate Courses

  • Certificate courses are also available to students who have finished the tenth grade.

  • The duration of this course varies between 3-6 months, depending on the institute.

Animation Diploma Courses After 12th 2022

Diploma courses are also advantageous for students who cannot complete their graduate degrees. The diploma has a one-year term. However, the length of the course is determined by the institute. This duration varies from one institute to the other. Some institutes even offer a six-month diploma. The animation diploma fees will vary based on the institution you choose. 

Eligibility for Animation Diploma Courses

In a top-rated animation VFX training institute in India like Frameboxx art, students can apply for the following

How to Enroll in Animation Courses After 12th Grade?

Admission to Animation courses is exceptionally straightforward. In India. Animation institutions provide various methods, including certifications, diplomas, bachelor's degrees, and master's degree

  • A portfolio is a collection of your artwork that can be used to demonstrate your talent.

  • Although various processes differ from institute to institute, the essential procedure remains the same.

  • Some institutions require students to submit their creative portfolios as part of the application process.

  • If you want to study animation, you must first narrow down your college options.

  • Some institutes administer an entrance exam for animation after the 12th to assess a student's readiness for a particular course.

  • To be eligible for admission, you must first complete your 12th grade.

After the 12th grade, there is no unified entrance exam for animation or graphics-related studies. However, some high-end colleges require students to take an entrance exam before being admitted to ensure that they can perform according to the course's criteria.

Animation courses fees for 2022 Animation Courses 

The course determines animation course fees beyond the 12th you have chosen.

  • The costs for Graphic Design and Multimedia range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1.4 lakh. Here you can learn to communicate effectively using symbols, words, and letters. You can also make a decent living in the media.

  • The costs of 3D animation vary from Rs. 65000 to Rs. 2.5 lakh. Everything from pre-production through post-production is covered.

  • VFX costs range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 250,000. With this budget, you can create flying automobiles and superheroes. Who is well-known in Hollywood and, more recently, Bollywood.

After 12th grade, pursue an animation career

Animation has become a favorite profession choice among students in the recent decade. The popularity of animation films and cartoons helps in the expansion of this profession in India. As a result, this industry has grown rapidly. 

Film production houses, animation studios, and businesses invest a lot of money in their projects, They need qualified individuals to improve the animation quality. As a result, India's demand for competent, creative, and skilled workers increases year after year. Animators can either create their businesses or work as freelancers after completing their education.

Animators used stop motion techniques, but now we use methods like 2D handwritten, 2D computer-generated, and 3D computer-generated. We can see that various approaches, such as 2D and 3D CGI, have been employed to create animations. Movies, animations, animated pictures, ads, TV shows, and websites have employed CGI.

After 12th, the Best Job-Oriented Animation Course

3D Animation Diploma

The Diploma in 3D Animation is a year-long program with two semesters. This course will improve your animation skills. These skills are used to develop and conceptualize cartoon and video game characters. It's also utilized in graphic design and the visual arts. In addition, this training will improve your computer animation skills and expertise.

Animation B.Sc.

For students interested in pursuing a career in animation, the most popular are undergraduate programs in Animation. It offers a three-year degree program with six semesters. Animation and multimedia are taught to students both theoretically and practically. Students studying Bsc animation learn 2D, and 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and digital art.


Hope that the above-mentioned details work as an essential guide to help you understand various animation courses. The good news is that if you pursue a career in animation then the animation course salary that you can expect later will be good. We at Frameboxx are here to help you achieve your dream in the animation industry. We offer a range of courses that you can choose from for a specific education course after your 12th standard. 

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