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Sagar A Pitale, Concept Artist - Trine Entertainment Ltd.
With or without encouragement, I always knew that I wanted a different lifestyle for myself, so I intended to do some different course for my better future and work successfully in that rewarding profession. So I decided to do animation course from Frameboxx.

Dilip Suthar, Modeler - Dhruva Interactive
I decided to do animation course after completing my 12 standard, from Frameboxx and found the coursework quite stimulating and rewarding. The staff, faculty and other students have been friendly and supportive, indicating to me that this environment will promote my successful education and future career.

Prakash Sahoo, Rotoartist - Technicolor
To achieve my goals I decided to do something different and I know I can do it. Everyone wants to become a Doctor or Engineer, but I decided to do animation, so I came to Mumbai to join Frameboxx. I know this will lead me to my goals.

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