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Swati Raman, Animator - Technicolor
I got comprehensive training from basics to the advanced level in a well-structured way by our instructor whose teaching is not superficial but in-depth. We were taught animation as an art form to make the students true animator rather than a mere software operator.

Reuben Cherian, Animator - Technicolor
My experiences at Frameboxx were invaluable. After college, I had big dreams but almost no idea about how to achieve them. With the right guidance at Frameboxx Incubation, I learned tips and tricks to make my work more appealing to audiences and to improve my storytelling, visualization and conceptualization skills. More than anything else, I value my time here at Frameboxx because it made me and my work industry-ready, and prepared me for the time-restrictions that come with working in a large-scale production house. I find myself working faster, better and more efficiently since my training here. I have learned more in these 2 months than I could ever have hoped to achieve so soon and I have become more confident in my capabilities as an Animator. Animation is my passion and Frameboxx has been a priceless stepping stone to help me achieve my dreams. I thank Frameboxx for its without which, I wouldn\'t have had the drive to soar to new heights. Now I finally feel like I can achieve anything I set my heart to.

Rajesh Patel, Visual Effects Artist - N.K.Graphic Arts
Thanks to Frameboxx for giving me this happiest moment of my life, I never expected that I will be getting an opportunity to work as VFX Compositor so soon, it was really a big surprise.

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