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Q. How important is having a Diploma in the Animation Industry?
A: In the Animation & Visual Effects Industry, the most important asset for a student is his/her demoreel or work portfolio. Being a techno-creative industry, it is one's quality of work that holds maximum value. Academic certifications, degrees and diplomas are secondary assets and are not primary ingredients for a successful placement/job at a studio. Therefore it is necessary for each and every student to devote time and passion to learning Animation so as to sharpen their skills to a high degree of professionalism.

Q. If I want to go abroad for studies in animation, will this course help me?
A: The Anglia Ruskin University accreditation carries an actual academic advantage enabling students to get real benefits when pursuing professional prospects abroad or for furthering their education. Most of the Universities/colleges abroad prefer students with foundation or intermediate knowledge in animation. This course will make you aware of the tools & techniques used in Animation & Visual Effects. Also at the time of applying to colleges abroad, students are required to submit a showreel/portfolio and often appear for evaluator exams. At the end of every course, student makes his or her own profile using the software & techniques, which would be very helpful at the time of admission. Frameboxx also offers the widely acclaimed Degree in Animation (A PG Course) programme from Seneca Institute of Applied Arts & Technology, Canada which is conducted partly in India and the rest in Canada.

Q. Is a traditional arts/fine arts background required to learn animation?
A: An immensely debated point, you can indeed become a successful animator without being a traditional artist. However, traditional art and fundamental aesthetics are key for becoming an ace and consequently separates the men from the boys. Therefore, our courses have a Pre-Production and traditional art module that is aimed at developing core fundamental aesthetics and art skills before even going close to computer software. We believe in developing strong fundamental skills before becoming a digital animator/artist.

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