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360 Degree of Innovation
Frameboxx believes in innovation which is truly reflected in our diverse verticals which are aimed at providing a complete all around learning experience across diverse media.

Classroom Based Training
Our primary domain of operations involves imparting high quality training across a network of more than 40 state of the art training facilities across India and abroad.

These facilities are equipped with the latest in technical infrastructure such as high end animation workstations, projector based lecture theatres and auditoriums in addition to specialized facilities such as sound editing labs etc. at some locations. All our facilities feature the finest and most experienced techno-creative instructors in India who are not only handpicked from the finest in India but are also specialized to handle our unique specialization based curriculum.

The Incubation Centre
A revolutionary concept which is centered around providing a true production level work experience to the students as an industry internship before they venture into their professional lives. This unique facility is based in Mumbai, India and has been designed like a real world production studio with complete infrastructure to support and handle real world animation projects and is managed and governed by a panel of seasoned industry professionals. Ever since its inception in early 2008, the facility has churned out an animated episode and promos for a television channel in addition to numerous other projects which are currently in production. Students are handpicked from across Frameboxx centers and undergo specialized training before being put on production tasks for a period of 4 - 5 months after which they participate in an integrated campus placement drive having earned professional experience and credits on their demo reel. This unique vertical is highly sought after by independent animation film makers and freelancers who are on the lookout for high quality and economical production facility that encourages their concepts and helps them realize their projects.

New Media Services
The New Media vertical focuses on research and development into alternative media and technologies to enable Frameboxx to reach out to a wide array of learners and professionals and to deliver content in newer and exciting ways. The vertical recently launched ClickBoxx.tv, India's first online animation and visual effects training school which offers high quality video training content free of charge to students and professionals looking for quality training at their own pace. More information on Clickboxx.tv is available at www.clickboxx.tv The New Media division would also be launching DVD based training in the near future.

Based in Bangalore, India, the Brainboxx division is our integrated research and development arm focused on exploring the latest in technological trends and techniques and incorporating them into the curriculum and skills up gradation of instructors on a continuing basis. Brainboxx is also responsible for developing new training methodologies and fine tuning existing best practices to enable a uniform and standardized course delivery mechanism across all facilities. The vertical is comprised up of senior experts from the industry who are passionate about training and education and are a key component to our innovative services culture.

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