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Art of Roto

Rotoscopy involves creating animated shapes which are used to isolate or mark elements in footage, such as characters, vehicles, buildings etc. This method of creating selections allows the visual effects artist to perform specific operations like color correction, effects etc. on these elements. Rotoscoping also is the first step in the process of converting conventional films into Stereo 3D. The global visual effects industry, over the past 1 year has found a very high quality rotoscopy resource in India and has been continually outsourcing their work to a vast number of studios here. This coupled with an increasing number of films that are being converted into Stereo 3D has resulted in a huge demand for roto-artists. The Art of Roto course has thus been designed keeping this demand in mind and trains the student on precisely the kind of skill and method needed to work as a Roto-Artist. This course has been designed to take an absolute fresher and train him so that he’s ready to join as a Roto-Artist at the end of this short course.

History & Technique of Rotoscopy
Basics of Image Creation, Editing and Processing using Adobe Photoshop
Rotoscoping using Adobe AfterEffects
Rotoscoping using Eyeon Fusion
Rotoscoping using The Foundry Nuke
Tips and Tricks to speed up your workflow
Rotoscoping for 2D – 3D Conversion

Duration: 3.5 months
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