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Peekaboo !


Peekaboo is a team of young creative minds from New Delhi who recently won Gold at the 1st Annual Frameflixx Awards in Best Animated Short Film category. Team members Sankalp Tewary, Angana Adhikary, Priyanka Gupta and Juhi Gupta give an insight here into their creatively invigorating world of Animation.

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourselves?
A. We are students of Animation and we relish being creative, diligent, observant and are excited at the prospect of creating something out of nothing with the urge to do more.

Q2. What made you jump into Animation and Visual Effects?
A. We've always been creative and hence we wanted to opt for a career that could provide us with the best vent to our skills and moreover, we all love animated films and hence our decision to jump into Animation was a natural progression.

Q3. Tell us about the film that you've made. How was it like working in a team?
A. Our film is called 'My India, My Pride'. India is rich in culture and heritage. This free flow of a colorful lifestyle from times immemorial has been shaping the society and the country as a whole. By maintaining a design harmony amongst various elements that represent our nation and with the use of 3D effects, our film demonstrates customs, traditions and uses the Dot or Bindu as the starting point of all forms which has no dimension and yet they exist.

Working in a team worked wonders for everyone. For starters, it is a great moral booster for each team mate and provided great strength and encouragement. And most of all, we got to share our skills and learn from each other's expertise.

Q4. How does it feel to win?
A. Winning is always an exquisite and an elated experience. It feels like being on top of the world, though for a little time, because there is a lot more to be conquered.

Q5. How was your learning experience at Frameboxx?
A. Learning is a never ending process and we are grateful that Frameboxx added a lot more to it. Our education here has polished our creative skills to a great extent and has moulded us as a professional.

Q6. What is the single most important advice that you would give to aspirants who want to get in the Animation and VFX Industry?
A. Work hard but in an optimized and a smart way.

Q7. Where do you see yourself in the future? Is there a long term career goal?
A. In future we see ourselves contributing to the animation industry and yes there is a long term goal since being in this industry is not only about work, it's about thorough creative fun and enjoyment as well, which in turn enhances your skill all the way.

Q8. Do you have any role models whom you look up to or have done in the past?
A. Our Instructors and Mentors have been a great support and an inspiration to all of us. They have been there in times of trouble and have helped us cross the rough and bumpy roads to enable us to make a mark one day.

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